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The Body Beautiful by Allegra is a unique program whose mission is to empower by providing you with the tools that are needed to live the life that was intended for YOU. Taking a holistic approach to fitness, we believe that fitness must be achieved in mind, body and spirit. One is not independent of the other; all three elements are vitally connected and are important to attain in order to live a harmonious life. Though it bears my name, The Body Beautiful by Allegra is not about me, it's about you and inspiring YOU to be your very BEST. So are you ready? Let's go and...

Let The Transformation Begin!


The Body Beautiful by Allegra focuses on creating positive, realistic and healthy body images, by creating strong linkages between the mind, body and spirit to help create a “whole” person. Through a series of interactive workshops, participants learn to discover who they really are based on one’s own purpose of being and not society or media based standards.


What we do

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