Success Stories

October 6, 2010 by Tocarra Daniels

My initial reason for working out was so that I wouldn't feel exhausted after walking up, not running; only 2 short flights of stairs. I've tried many other workout programs to help me stay "active" things like dancing, or walking, but none of them aligned my mind, body, AND spirit. Allegra's knowledge, classes, and upbeat personality cause me to think "beyond the sweat." Meaning before and after my workout I'm more mindful of what I put into my body so that my body can put out for me. The Body Beautiful by Allegra program has shifted my attitude about working out from "blood, sweat & tears", to "alignment, sweat, and self improvement"! My favorite Body Beautiful saying is "What you give out physically, mentally, and spiritually is what you get back" and the body beautiful has definitely done that. Allegra's program helps me have a better understanding of my body and self image by incorporating reflection, dedication, and of course fun!

October 3, 2010 by Kathryn Buford, M.A - Co-Founder, Live Unchained, LLC

The Body Beautiful was an amazing experience. I learned that if I wanted to live beautifully, I had to first know what made me feel beautiful and simply do those things. The important thing that Allegra shows is that beauty is something that emerges from within--we bring it forward by getting in touch with the different aspects of our womanhood she highlights in the workshop. It was great to learn from someone who leads by example!
Kathryn Buford, M.A.
Doctoral Candidate in Sociology
University of Maryland, College Park
Co-Founder, Live Unchained, LLC

October 1, 2010 by Rosa Hernandez

Since I've been part of The Body Beautiful by Allegra I have learned so much and have found one of my true callings. Since the first day I met Allegra and took one of her classes, I got hooked on her positivity, motivation, free spirit, dedication and most of all her knowledge. Allegra and my friends from The Body Beautiful have inspired me to work my hardest to get certified to become a group fitness instructor and to help people become healthier the right way. They all have been so supportive and helpful on my journey to achieve my goal. Since the first day I joined The Body Beautiful by Allegra, I have grown to be a healthier and better person for my family. By socializing in the events done by The Body Beautiful, I have been able to meet so many wonderful and strong woman that have taught me so many valuable things. The resources and information that Allegra puts on The Body Beautiful Fan Page is such a wonderful tool to have. Thank you Allegra for giving me the "Will" and tools to be who I'm today.

September 25, 2010 by Rhonda Ryan

The Body Beautiful by Allegra is always on top of the latest trends in fitness. I can ask any question from, 'What is ZUMBA?' to 'Do the tone-up sneakers really work?' and get an answer the same day!

September 25, 2010 by The Style Shepherd

My Goals for fitness have changed from trying to fit into a sample size to being fit and healthy. All thanks to following The Body Beautiful by Allegra.

September 16, 2010 by A. Martinez

Many of us can spend hours in front of the mirror, seeing if the black dress covers those love handles, if the shoes match, if the makeup covers all the imperfections, etc. Except how many of us have actually taken the time and effort to see ourselves? I like many women was a victim of my own fear, low self-esteem, denial and conformism. I was a victim of domestic violence and of a long and devastating divorce that left painful traces in my mind, body and soul. Consequently these events led me to stop worrying about myself in which my body reflected the many years of stress. One night after my favorite class of Capoeira, I initiated a conversation with the trainer about my intention to lose weight and feel better, I told her how it's been a while since I attended her classes and haven't seen any results. Unexpectedly she put me in front of the mirror and said "Look at yourself, what do you see, really, look at yourself and look deep inside your heart, what are you afraid of?" In a matter of seconds it seemed as if someone had removed a blindfold of my eyes and in truth let me see myself. I saw the pain, anxiety, but for the most part I saw an immense light that reflected a desire to improve. Since that day the process of learning how to love thy self began. I understood that I had to take care of myself physically to be happy with me, and by doing this it would allow me to be with my family for many years to come. Allegra told me that, "Power is not in the body but in the mind and in order to be happy with others, I must learn to be happy with myself first, to celebrate me and first and foremost to love ME!" I am infinitely grateful to Allegra, a woman so beautiful and powerful who helped me not only physically, mentally, as well as spiritually. With her guidance my life changed completely, she allowed me to be happier and to live in harmony with myself and others. I enjoy each and every day where I live life to the fullest, and especially I love ME! Do you really love yourself? Or do you live in denial that you love yourself, but your body and soul say otherwise? If so, put yourself in front of a mirror, really look inside your heart and ask yourself "What am I afraid of?" Remember that life is beautiful, the people around you are there for support, and it pays off to truly become happy with yourself. Thank you Allegra!

August 31, 2010 by Ami Murell

I have been attending both Kwando and Capoeira with Allegra for about a year now. Right away I enjoyed taking the classes with her. She is a very positive and motivating instructor, even on a bad day she always has a smile on her face. You're not only learning about the techniques involved in the classes but they are also fun and we get a little sassy at times! She makes me want to stay in shape and continue being healthy. I feel good about myself and my body and I can even do push-ups now! Allegra continue to have that beautiful spirit, mind and body. Thank you and God Bless You.

June 5, 2010 by C. Moultie

Hi Allegra: It was great hearing from you. The only disappointment I had with the cruise was not having more classes taught by you!! I became energized and excited about ZUMBA after you introduced me to ZUMBA two cruises ago. It is because of you that I got out of a fitness rut, and I want to thank you for that.

May 24, 2010 by Donna Richardson-Joyner

Hi Allegra, Thank you for all of your hard work in making this year's cruise a success! May your future be filled with hope and prosperity! Thanks again and God Bless! Donna (Tom Joyner Foundation's 2010 Fantastic Voyage Cruise - Fitness Team)

October 20, 2009 Kimberly A. Lightford, State Senator -Asst. Majority Leader, 4th District

On behalf of of the fourth district woman's committee and myself, I want to say in big bold letters "Thank You" for facilitating the Brazilian group workout sessions for our 3rd Annual Woman Uplifting Women event held October 3, 2009 at the River Forest Community Center. I know that everyone who participated in the exercise class was uplifted, inspired, and encouraged to take better care of their overall health. This was your second year in a row joining us as a workshop facilitator, and I am most grateful for that.

We exceeded our goal and uplifted 179 women and girls in attendance from surrounding communities in the 4th Senate District.

As I continue to diligently work on behalf of the residents of the 4th Senate District in the entire State of Illinois, I will always keep in mind the act of kindness and support you have shown which allows me to support the many request of my constituency.

At your convenience, please call me regarding more opportunities to work-out with the 4th District Woman Committee.

Again, thank you and it is our hope that you will join us again next year as we thrive with partners like you to make a difference in our communities.

August 17, 2009 by Matthew Johnson - Group Publisher/CEO - Girlfriends Holdings, LLC

Dear Allegra, Girlfriends Health Guide for Women of Color and our partners the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee would like to sincerely thank you for your time and consideration towards the 1st Annual Let's Work It Out! Health Extravaganza. With your help, we were able to achieve our goal of creating a positive and informative experience for all who were involved. As you know, Girlfriends Health Guide for Women of Color Magazine's mission is to uplift, promote and inform women of color about health related disparities that focus on ethnic women who are underserved and under-represented. Our Network serves as a living framework of our goals, bringing our members together at health-centered events where they can share experiences and wisdom. The fitness challenge successfully perpetuated our goals and objectives in a fun and innovative way. Our members and other women in attendance enjoyed a great workout while learning new things about their holistic health - mind, body and soul. Your exercise program was innovative and exciting to our members. Not only did the fitness aspect inspire them; they were also affected by your positive attitude and enthusiastic spirit. We really appreciate how you "Worked It Out" for us at this event, and cannot wait to see what's to come for next year! Your generosity and on-going support of Girlfriends Health Guide and the mission our Network works to fulfill is duly appreciated, and we look forward to working with you more in the future. We would like to invite you to join us again for our Second Annual "Let's Work It Out!" fitness challenge next year. Thank you once again for helping to make the women in Milwaukee healthier and more informed.

November 10, 2008 by Nicole & Ilana - Umoja Student Development Corp.

Thank you for facilitating the Brazilian Dance workshop with Women of Destiny last Friday. At Umoja, we strive to provide our young people with role models and experiences that help them grow as active, knowledgeable citizens. Through dance and cultural awareness you were able to provide that for our students. We really appreciate the time you spent sharing your work and passion with our young women. You provided them with an experience that they won't soon forget.

October 20, 2008 by Suzanne Gramas

Allegra, I know this is a little overdue, but I want to thank you for all of your help with the competition. Not only did you make me look beautiful, but you made me FEEL beautiful. You helped me to believe in myself. You are an amazing and strong woman. You are a person to admire and aspire to be like. Thank you again for your wisdom and kindness.

April 22, 2008 by John Zummo - BP Products, N.A.

Allegra, I just wanted to drop you a quick "thank-you" for your VERY well done 2-part presentation on the subject of "Wellness". It was nice to hear all the basics again of getting (and staying) in shape coupled with all your helpful tips you shared on: the "F.I.T.T. Principle, discussion of omega 3's & 6's, and the S.M.A.R.T. Goal Method. You cover quite a bit in a short time. Also, I could see (and feel) the high level of exuberance you feel on this subject and I think this may be one of your "key gifts" the Higher Power has blessed you with. Thanks again!

April 20, 2008 by Sue Barone - BP America

Allegra, I enjoyed your class because it was positive and not too much information at once. The class covered the main points with good tips that I did not know or knew and forgot. I think hearing it from you and Weight Watchers which I joined yesterday as well as from people who are in good shape has given me an understanding of how to get fit. At my age, I really feel that I need to take better control of my body. I am encouraged that I can do this and just need to use the correct practices to attain it and keep it. You are truly inspiring and I will try to be more conscious of my health even after the dinner dance in May. I hope this will rub off on my family as well. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and positive thinking.

June 5, 2007 by Team XL - Jazzmin, Karl & Darryl - 2007 WGN-TV Spring Challenge Winning Team

Dearest Allegra, Thanks for all you have done for us throughout this entire competition. You not only made us stronger physically, but you have helped us find our true strength within ourselves. And only the BEST can achieve that! We can never repay you for what you have taught us! Thanks for working our booty's off, literally...

March 5, 2007 by Rebecca Huntman - Danza Viva Chicago's Premier Center for World Music & Dance

Allegra-What a dream you are! Thank you so much for all that you have shared at "One Night Only" and always. You have such a beautiful voice, exquisite movement and exuberant spirit. May you be as blessed as we are to have you in our midst! Thank you!

June 2006 by Lillie H. Edwards - Primary Church Ambassador

Dear Allegra, Thank you for your excellent presentation during the "Fit for the Master's Use" workshop at the Congregational Church of Park Manor on Sunday, May 22nd. I have received many comments about the way that you structured your presentation. The manner in which you presented yourself- your poised, yet relaxed persona-created a wonderful atmosphere for the participants. Your presentation was informative as well as interactive, which is what we aim for. You did a wonderful job of engaging the participants in both the physical activities and the discussion segment of the workshop. Participants were relaxed and felt free to comment and ask questions. The participants' evaluations of the workshop were very positive. Again, thank you so much for coming to us and we look forward to having you work with us again.

December 2004 - Latina Magazine

Dear Allegra, Thank you for participating in our Corazon y Alma Wellness Seminar presented by Berry Burst Cheerios. As you may know, thanks to our partnership with General mills, we were able to reach over 6,000 households from the Midwest to the East Coast. By joining us on this effort, you not only educated but also assisted in raising awareness of this issue by offering resources that helped our readers lead healthier lives. We look forward to working with you again next year as we continue our efforts in promoting healthy Heart Awareness nationwide. Mil gracias, Latina Magazine

July 2004 by Aida Johnson - Special Events Committee Chairperson - City of Chicago - Mayor's Fitness Council

Dear Allegra, On behalf of the Mayor's Fitness Council, I would like to offer my deepest thanks for your participation during the "Sunrise Workout", at the Millennium Park Grand Opening Weekend, July 16-18, 2004. All of the events that are coordinated by the Mayors' Fitness Council require a strong team to be successful. Your participation on Saturday, July 17th, as a Caribbean Rhythm Instructor, elevated your team status to "Most Valuable Player". The "Sunrise Workout" was a great success and could not have been accomplished without your professionalism and enthusiasm. I look forward to working with you in the future. Once again, thank you for your support.

Lyn R. Holloway, Associate Editor - Books/Fitness - EBONY Magazine

Allegra, Thank you so much for all of your help in contributing to our fitness articles. You Rock!!!